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ASTM A270 A270M Sanitary Stainless-Steel Tubing, Seamless, Welded Stainless Steel Pipes

ASTM A270 A270M ASME SA270 TP304 TP304L TP316 TP316L Sanitary Stainless-Steel Tubing.

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ASTM A270 covers grades of seamless, welded, and heavily cold worked austenitic and ferritic/austenitic stainless-steel sanitary tubing. Seamless tubes shall be manufactured by a process that does not involve welding at any stage. Welded tubes shall be made using an automated welding process with no addition of filler metal during the welding process. Heavily cold worked tubes shall be made by applying cold working of not less than 35% reduction of thickness of both wall and weld to a welded tube prior to the final anneal. No filler shall be used in making the weld.

All material shall be furnished in the heat-treated condition. A chemical analysis of either one length of flat-rolled stock or one tube shall be made for each heat. Each tube shall be subjected to mechanical tests like reverse flattening test, hydrostatic test or nondestructive electric test.

The following surface finishes may be specified: mill finish, mechanically polished surface finish, finish No. 80, finish No. 120, finish No. 180, finish No. 240, electropolished finish, and maximum roughness average surface finish. Longitudinally polished finish shall be performed on the inside surface only while a circumferential polished finish shall be done on either the inside surface, outside surface, or both.

ASTM A270 A270M sanitary tube is ideal for the dairy, food and beverage industries where the highest degree of purity and cleanliness is essential. It is certified to the requirements of ASTM A270, 3A standards and most user specifications.

We stock all sanitary tube sizes from 1/2” (12.7 mm) to 8” (203.2 mm) OD in 20 ft. standard lengths. Custom lengths and sizes are available upon request.

ASTM A270 A270M ASME SA270 Grades TP304L and TP316L available from stock. Other grades are available upon request.

Standard: ASTM A270.

Description Name: ASTM A270 Sanitary Stainless-steel tubing, Seamless Sanitary stainless tubes, Seamless Sanitary stainless pipes, Welded Sanitary stainless tubes, Welded Sanitary stainless pipes,
TP304L Sanitary stainless tubes, TP304L sanitary stainless pipes, TP316L Sanitary stainless tubes, TP316L Sanitary stainless pipes.

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1/2” to 8” (12.7mm to 203.2mm).

Wall Thickness: 1mm to 35mm.

Welded stainless steel pipe.

1/8” to 36” (10.3mm to 914mm).

5s, 10s, 20, 40s, 40, 60, 80s, 80.

Wall Thickness: 1mm to 20mm.

Shape: Round.

Length: Single random length/ Double random length or as customer’s actual request.

Dimensional Tolerance

OD Size Nominal wallOutside DiaLengthWall
1/2″ (12.7)0.065″ (1.65)+/-0.005 (0.13)+1/8″ (3.18)/-0+/-10%
3/4″ (19.1)0.065″ (1.65)+/-0.005 (0.13)+1/8″ (3.18)/-0+/-10%
1″ (25.4)0.065″ (1.65)+/-0.005 (0.13)+1/8″ (3.18)/-0+/-10%
1-1/2″ (38.1)0.065″ (1.65)+/-0.008 (0.20)+1/8″ (3.18)/-0+/-10%
2″ (50.8)0.065″ (1.65)+/-0.008 (0.20)+1/8″ (3.18)/-0+/-10%
2-1/2″ (63.5)0.065″ (1.65)+/-0.010 (0.25)+1/8″ (3.18)/-0+/-10%
3″ (76.2)0.065″ (1.65)+/-0.010 (0.25)+1/8″ (3.18)/-0+/-10%
4″ (101.6)0.083″ (2.11)+/-0.015 (0.38)+1/8″ (3.18)/-0+/-10%
6″ (152.4)0.109″ (2.77)+/-0.030 (0.76)+3/16″ (4.76)/-0+/-10%
8″ (203.2)0.109″ (2.77)+/-0.030 (0.76)+3/16″ (4.76)/-0+/-10%

Chemical Composition:



Composition, %
TP304S304000.0820.0450.03118.0–208.0–11. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .
TP304LS304030.03520.0450.03118.0–208.0–13. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .
TP316S316000.0820.0450.03116.0–1810.0–142.00–3. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .
TP316LS316030.03520.0450.03116.0–1810.0–142.00–3. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .
TP321S321000.0820.0450.03117.0–199.0–12. . .Ti 5 × (C+N) min, 0.70 max. . .0.1. . .. . .

Quality and Mechanical Tests:

To assure the highest quality standards, the tubing is subjected to extensive testing and inspection programs that meet or exceed ASTM A270 A1016 A1016M test requirements. Testing includes reverse bend, reverse flattening, and flange tests. Eddy current testing is performed on 100% of the sanitary tube produced.

Heat Treatment (Annealing):

Inline hydrogen bright annealing to 1900°F (1040° C) minimum followed with a rapid quench.

Surface Finishes

Surface finish is 20 µ-in Ra (0.5 µm) ID maximum, 30 µ-in Ra (0.8 µm) OD maximum surface roughness measured per ASME ANSI B46.1 with the profilometer reading at 90 degrees to the lay. Other finishes available upon request.

Flattening Test

For material heat treated in a continuous furnace flattening tests shall be made on a sufficient number of pipes to constitute 5 % of the lot, but in no case less than 2 lengths of pipe.


Bright annealed tubing is line–stenciled with OD, wall, ASTM specifications, size, grade, heat number, production date and time. OD polished tube is marked on one end of each tube with a removable label stating ASTM specification, manufacturer, grade and heat number. Continuous line stencil available on request.


  • Mill test certificates will be issued according to EN10204.3
  • All tubes shall be supplied as per applicable ASTM A270 /A270M Specification.

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ASTM A270 Sanitary Stainless Tubes Photos

ASTM A270 TP304L Sanitary Stainless tubes

ASTM A270 TP304L Sanitary Stainless tubes

ASTM A270 TP316L Sanitary Stainless tubes

ASTM A270 TP316L Sanitary Stainless tubes


  • Packed in ply wooden box wrapped in plastic, and suitably protected for sea-worthily delivery or as requested.

Packing photos:

ASTM A270 Wooden Case Package

ASTM A270 Wooden Case Package

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