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ASTM A519 Grade 4130 AISI 4130 SAE4130 Seamless Tubing

ASTM A519 A519M ASME SA519 SA519M GR.4130 AISI4130 SAE4130 is the standard applicable to seamless carbon and alloy steel mechanical tubing.

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CTS TUBES is privately owned supplier, manufacturer, distributor and exporter of ASTM A519 ASME SA519 SAE4130 AISI4130 Grade4130 Seamless tubing, ASTM A519 Grade 4130 carbon steel mechanical tubing are Low Carbon Steel Tubing with 0.28-0.33 % carbon content with combination of 0.40-0.60 % manganese, 0.80-1.10 % chromium, 0.15-0.25 % Molybdenum.

ASTM A519 AISI 4130 including hot Finished Seamless Tubing and cold finished tubing.

The outer diameter tube sizes 8mm-323.8mm and Nominal bore NB sizes 8NB-300NB.

ASTM A519 covers several grades of carbon and alloy steel seamless mechanical tubing.

ASTM A519 covers both seamless hot-finished mechanical tubing and seamless cold-finished mechanical tubing in sizes up to and including 12 3⁄4 in. (323.8 mm) outside diameter for round tubes with wall thicknesses as required.

Standard: ASTM A519 / ASME SA519.

Description Name: ASME SA519 / ASTM A519 GR.4130 boiler pipes; A519 pipes; AISI4130 ASTM A519 carbon steel tube; ASTM A519 SAE4130 mechanical pipes; ASTM A519 GR.4130 carbon steel pipe; Grade 4130 SEAMLESS PIPE; ASTM A519 Grade 4130 cold drawn seamless steel tubes; ASTM A519 Gr.4130 pipes and tubing; ASTM A519 SAE4130 seamless tubing; alloy steel tube; carbon steel tube; mechanical tubing; Seamless steel tube; steel tube.

Size: 8mm-323.8mm.

Schedule: 10-XXS / Thk.

Shape: Round or Special sections.

Length: Single random length / double random length or as customer’s actual request.

Grade: 4130 / AISI4130 / GR.4130 / SAE4130.

Condition: The purchaser shall specify a sizing method and, if required, a thermal treatment.

  • Sizing Methods:

HF-Hot Finished,

CW-Cold worked,

RT-Rough Turned,

G– Ground.

  • Thermal Treatments:


N– Normalized,

QT-Quenched and Tempered,

SR-Stress Relieved or Finishe Anneal.

ASTM A519 SAE1035 seamless tubing Chemical Composition (%):


Outside Diameter Tolerances for round Hot-Finished Tubing:

Outside Diameter Tolerances for Round Hot-Finished Tubing A, B, C
Outside Diameter Size Range,


Outside Diameter Tolerance, in. (mm)
Over (+)Under (-)
up to 2.999 (76.17)0.020 (0.51)0.020 (0.51)
3.000-4.499 (76.20-114.27)0.025 (0.64)0.025 (0.64)
4.500–5.999 (114.30–152.37)0.031 (0.79)0.031 (0.79)
6.000–7.499 (152.40–190.47)0.037 (0.94)0.037 (0.94)
7.500–8.999 (190.50–228.57)0.045 (1.14)0.045 (1.14)
     9.000–10.750 (228.60–273.05)0.050 (1.27)0.050 (1.27)
A.     Diameter tolerances are not applicable to normalized and tempered or quenched and tempered conditions.

B.     The common range of sizes of hot finished tubes is 11⁄2 in. (38.1 mm) to 103⁄4 in. (273.0 mm) outside diameter with wall thickness at least 3 % or more of outside diameter, but not less than 0.095 in. (2.41 mm).

C.     Larger sizes are available; consult manufacturer for sizes and tolerances.

Wall Thickness Tolerances for round Hot-Finished Tubing:

Wall Thickness Tolerances for Round Hot-Finished Tubing
Wall Thickness Range as Percent of Outside DiameterWall Thickness Tolerance, percent Over A and Under Nominal
Outside Diameter 2.999 in. (76.19 mm) and smallerOutside Diameter 3.000 in. (76.20 mm) to 5.999 in. (152.37 mm)Outside Diameter 6.000 in. (152.40 mm) to 10.750 in. (273.05 mm)
Under 1512.51010
15 and over107.510
A Wall thickness tolerance may not be applicable to walls 0.199 in. (5.05 mm) and less; consult manufacturer for wall tolerances on such tube sizes.

Wall Thickness Tolerances for Cold Finished Tubing:

Wall Thickness Tolerances for Cold Finished Tubing
Wall Thickness S / Outside Diameter D (%)Wall Thickness Tolerance (±%)
Inside Diameter D<38.1mmInside Diameter ≥38.1

Mechanical Test Requirements:

Hardness Test; Tension Tests; Nondestructive tests; Steel Cleanliness; Hardenability; Flaring Test.


  • Mill test certificates will be issued according to EN10204.3.
  • All tubes shall be supplied as per applicable ASTM A519 Specification.
  • The tubes Shall be Seamless and the test Methods and Definitions for mechanical Testing of Steel Products.
  • Orders for material under A519 should include the Quantity (Feet, weight, or number of pieces), Name of material (seamless carbon or alloy steel mechanical tubing), Form (round, square, rectangular or special shapes).
  • Orders for material under A519 should provide delivery condition (A, N, QT, SR).

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ASTM A519 Grade 4130 Hot finished Tubes Photo

ASTM A519 Grade 4130 Cold Finished Tubes

ASTM A519 Grade 4130 Cold Finished Tubes

Packing and Marking

  • Packed in bundles, wrapped in plastic, and suitably protected for sea-worthily delivery or as requested.
  • Marking should according to MIL-STD-129 for Military agencies and in accordance with Fed. Std. No.123 for civil agencies including not limited: Standard, graded, size, heat no. lot no.

Packing photos:

SAE4130 tubes packaged by wooden cases

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