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Welded structural tubes EN10305-5

ASTM A53, EN10305-5

Welded Structural Tubes EN10305-5

Standard and material:

  • ASTM A53 (GR. B) ERW Carbon steel tubes
  • EN10305-5 (E215, E235, E335) Welded and cold sized square and rectangular tubes

Size Range:

  • Out diameter: 12.7mm-120mm
  • Wall thickness: 0.5mm-7mm
  • Length: 12m max

Delivery Conditions


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Welded structural tubes EN10305-5 shall be manufactured electric welded processes. The tubes shall be supplied in one of the delivery conditions as follows:

Cold drawn/hard+CNo heat treatment after the final cold drawing process
Cold drawn/soft+LCAfter the final heat treatment there is a suitable drawing pass
Cold drawn and stress relieved+SRAfter the final cold drawing process there is a stress relief heat treatment in a controlled atmosphere
Annealed+AAfter the final cold drawing process the tubes are annealed in a controlled atmosphere
Normalized+NAfter the final cold drawing operation, the tubes are normalized in a controlled atmosphere

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  • Motorcycle framework
  • All kinds of joint application
  • Body-building equipment’s and leisure application
  • Bicycle framework
  • Other mechanical purpose application

Production process:

Precision ERW Tubes ASTM A513 Process

Welded Structural Tubes EN10305-5 Production Process

Inspection Test

  • Universal Material Tester for Tensile strength, Yield strength, Elongation, flattening, cold bending and Flaring test
  • Hardness Tester for HRB and HRC inspection
  • Roughness tester for Inspection for Roughness, including Ra, Ry, Rz, Rmax
  • Chemical Test
  • Metallurgical Microscope test
  • Straightness Testing
  • Eddy current testing

Quality Certification:

  • ISO9000
  • ISO/TS 16949


  • Mill test certificates will be issued according to EN10204
  • The tubes Shall be welded

Protection and Packing:

  • Packed in wooden box or bundles protected with plastic paper, and suitably protected for sea-worthily delivery or as requested.
  • The tubes shall be delivered with a temporary corrosion protection. The type of protection shall be at the discretion of the manufacturer

Production Capacity

  • Cold drawn and Cold rolled precision seamless tubes about 30000tons per year
  • Precision ERW tubes about 50000tons per year
  • Welded structural tubes about 20000tons per year
  • Cold drawn welded precision tubes about 30000ton per year


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Welded Structural Tubes EN10305-5 Inner Seams

Welded Structural Tubes EN10305-5 Inner Seams

Welded Structural Tubes EN10305-5 Outer Seams

Welded Structural Tubes EN10305-5 Outer Seams

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