Supplier Verification and Factory Audits in China

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Put CTS’ over 12 years of experience to work for you


For the first time you are cooperating with a new Chinese factory, you hope to know every aspect of the factory, but your schedule is full or it’s too costly to visit the factory by yourself. Now you have another option – choose us to be your eyes to know the real situation of its workshop, equipment, inventory, and production capacity. We could be the representative of you and your company, do a 360-degree investigation to the factory, provide real photos and analysis report to you, and give professional judgments and suggestions. The cost is about half that of other third-party inspection companies (e.g. BV and SGS).


Before shipment, you are worried about the quality, but do not have the time to come to China. Don’t worry. We are here to help. CTS has 12 years of industry experience especially in steel pipes and fittings. We provide services like Factory Audit, Pre-Production Inspection, During-Production Inspection, Final Random Inspection, Supervision of Loading, and Translation, etc. If you come to China, we also provide travel arrangements, hotel reservations, factory escorts and other services.


If you’d like to sell our products in your local market, please feel free to contact us. As an agent, you have adequate inventory, prompt price updates and good discounts.

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