STKM 13A Seamless Tubes Shipment


JIS G3445 STKM13A Seamless Tubes

STKM 13A Seamless Tubes Shipping Information:

Products:                    STKM13A Seamless tubes

Producing Type:        Cold rolled

Destination:               Thailand

Standard:                   JIS G3445

Steel Grade:               STKM13A

Size:                            OD. 76.3mm x OD. 56.3mm x Length 5000mm

Quantity:                   22tons

Supplier:                    CTS TUBES

Shipping time:          27-Sep.-19

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Test requirement:

STKM13A Seamless tubes Chemical composition

GradeDesignationUnit %
CSiMnPSNb or V
Grade 13ASTKM 13A0.25 max.0.35 max.0.30~0.900.040 max.0.040 max.

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STKM 13A Seamless tubes mechanical tests required

DesignationTensile strength
Yield point or proof
Elongation %Flattening strength
Distance between flat plates (H)
(D is outside dia. of the tube)
Bending strength
No. 4,No. 4,Bend angleInside radius
No. 11No. 5(D is outside dia. of the tube)
No. 12test pieces Transverse direction
test pieces Longitudinal direction
STKM13A370{38} min.215{22} min.30 min.25 min.2/3 D906 D
STKM13B440{45} min.305{31} min.20 min.15 min.3/4 D906 D
STKM13C510{52} min.380{39} min.15 min.10 min.

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STKM 13A Seamless tubes inspection photos:

STKM 13A Seamless Tubes Inspection O.D.

STKM 13A Seamless Tubes Inspection O.D.

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